Sunday, July 22, 2007

Archnet-IJAR: International Journal of Architectural Research Volume 1 - Issue 2, July 2007 is Now Available

Volume 1-Issue 2 (July 2007)

ArchNet-IJAR provides a comprehensive academic review of a wide spectrum of issues, methods, theoretical approaches, and architectural and development practices.


- ISSN - International (Online) 1994-6961
- ISSN - United States (Online) 1938-7806
- OCLC & World Cat (Online Computer Library Center) # 145980807
- Library of Congress Catalogue # 2007212183

Archnet-IJAR Vol 1 - Issue 2 features articles from Newton D'Souza (USA) on Design Intelligence; Crispino Ocheing (Kenya) on Affordable Housing in Pumwani; Joerg seifert (France/Germany) on the UN World Decade for the Eradication of Poverty; Ashraf Salama (Qatar) on Incorporating Lifestyle Theories into Affordable Housing Research and Practice; M. Alaa Mandour (Oman) on Mixed Reality and Virtual Architecture; Khokhi Maatouk (Saudi Arabia) on Airflow and pressure Simulation in High Residential Buildings. As well, the second issue introduces reviews and trigger articles from Besim Hakim (USA), Michael Crosbie (USA), Nikos Salingaros (USA), Abeer Hasanin (Egypt/Qatar), and Akhtar Chauhan (India).

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Editorial: The Debate Continues- PP.11/14.
Ashraf M. Salama

Design Intelligences: A Case for Multiple Intelligences in Architectural Design -PP.15/34.
Newton D'Souza

Affordability of Low Income Housing in Pumwani, Nairobi, Kenya- PP.35/44.
Crispino C. Ochieng

386 Forgotten Ideas:
Architecture and the Eradication of Poverty-A Retrospective Account- PP.45/56.

Joerg Seifert

Navigating Housing Affordability Between Transdisciplinarity and Life Style Theories:
The Case of the Gulf States- PP.57/76.

Ashraf M. Salama

Mixed Reality: The Deconstruction of Time-The Restructure of the Future- PP.77/91.
M. Alaa Mandour

Airflow Patterns and Stack Pressure Simluation in a High Rise Residential Building in Seoul- Korea, PP.92/99.
Khoukhi Maatouk

Hakim's Work on Traditional Islamic and Mediterranean Urbanism- PP.100/105.
Besim S. Hakim

Book Review: Design Studio Pedagogy: Horizons for the Future
Assessing Architectural Education's 'Crown Jewel' - PP.106/108.
Michael J. Crosbie

Book Review: Spaces Speak, Are You Listening ?- PP.109/113.
Abeer A. Hasanin

Nikos A. Salingaros: A New Vitruvius for 21st-Century Architecture and Urbanism? - PP.114/131.
Ashraf M. Salama

Comments on Ashraf Salama's Article:"...A New Vitruvius....?" - PP.132/134.
Nikos A. Salingaros

Conference/ Competition Announcements-IAHH 2008- PP.135/140.
Akhtar Chauhan

Archnet-IJAR Editorial Board:
...Chief Editor: Ashraf Salama, Advisory Board: Attilio Petruccioli; Besim Hakim; Hashim Sarkis; Henry Sanoff; Jamel Akbar; Mohamad Al-Asad; Michael Crosbie; Nasser Rabbat; Nicholas Wilkinson; Nikos Salingaros; Peter Rowe; Suha Ozkan; William Mitchell, Editorial-Scientific Board: Akhtar Chauhan; Aleya Abel-Hadi; Ali Cengizkan; Amer Moustafa; Anne Beamish; Budi Sukada; Dalila Al-Kerdani; Donatella Mazzoleni; Eman El-Nachar; Fuad Mallick; Hulya Turgut; Ihab Elzeyadi; M. Alaa Mandour; Malika Bose; Magda Sibley; Mashary Al-Naim; Peter Kellett; Rabee Reffat; Yasser El-Shehstawy; Yasser Mahgoub.

Architecture-Urbanism is dedicated to a) those who are interested in creating livable and sustainable environments and buildings that meet socio-cultural and socio-behavioral needs of people, environments that are responsive to historical, traditional and physical constraints, b) to those who are interested in finding panacea for the ills of our globalized world, and c) to those who are interested in regaining what cultures and societies have lost by the acts of architects. ____________________________________________________________________________