Friday, November 30, 2007

The Urban International Press: Books

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List of Published Books (1998-2007)

Thirty Three Papers in Environment Behavior Research
By Amos Rapoport
Year: 1998
ISBN 1-872811-02-07

Supports: An Alternative to Mass Housing
N. J. Habraken
Year: 1999
ISBN 1-872811-03-05
(reprint of J. N. Habraken 1972. New York: Praeger Publishers)

Sustaining Human Settlement: A Challenege for the New Millennium
Roderick J Lawrence
Year: 2000
ISBN 1-872811-04-03

Willing Party
Nicholas Wilkinson
Year: 2001
ISBN 1-872811-05-1

At War with the City
Paola Somma
Year: 2004
ISBN 1-872811-06-x

Methodologies in Housing Research
Dick Urban Vestbro, Tonca Horul, Nicholas Wilkinson,
Year: 2005
ISBN 1-872811-07-08

Design Studio Pedagogy: Horizons for the Future
Ashraf M. Salama and Nicholas Wilkinson,
Year: 2007
ISBN 1-872811-09-04

Smart Homes and User Values
Greger Sandstrom and Ulf Keijer,
Year: 2007
ISBN 1- 872811- 08 -06
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