Tuesday, March 25, 2008

After One Year.. Archnet-IJAR: Volume 2, Issue 1, March 2008

International Journal of Architectural Research After One year

Volume 2, Issue 1, March 2008

ArchNet-IJAR, the new online journal of architecture and urbanism, begins its second year on ArchNet with the publication of its
first 2008 issue. The past year's efforts have been very successful; IJAR now boasts both a high readership and contributions from distinguished scholars and educators in the field.

In this first issue of 2008, several giants in architecture and human-environment interaction, joined by younger scholars, offer their thoughts and research. This multiplicity of views opens the way to a lively, complex debate on the built environment.

All issues of IJAR may be downloaded
here from the Digital Library on ArchNet, or accessed via the IJAR Group Workspace.

Content of Archnet-IJAR Volume 2, Issue 1, March 2008

Editorial: Excellence in Architectural and Urban Research-PP.07/15.
Ashraf M. Salama

Some Further Thoughts on Culture and Environment-PP. 16/39.
Amos Rapoport

Architecture between the Culture-Nature Dualism: A Case Study of Geoffrey Bawa’s Kandalama Hotel-PP. 40/56.
Ceridwen Owen

Multiple Views of Participatory Design-PP.57/69.
Henry Sanoff

Rethinking Residential Mobility: An Interdisciplinary Interpretation- PP.70/83.
Roderick J. Lawrence

Assessing Building Performance: Its Evolution from Post-Occupancy Evaluation-PP. 84/99
Wolfgang F. E. Preiser and Jack L. Nasar

A Theory for Integrating Knowledge in Architectural Design Education PP. 100/128.
Ashraf M. Salama

Intelligence-Based Design:A Sustainable Foundation for Worldwide Architectural Education-PP.129/188.
Nikos A. Salingaros and Kenneth G. Masden II

An An Architecture for Autism: Concepts of Design Intervention for the Autistic User-PP.189/211.
Magda Mostafa

Quantitative (GIS) and Qualitative (BPE) Assessments of Library Performance-PP. 212/231.
Wolfgang F.E. Preiser and Xinhao Wang

The Impact of War on the Meaning of Architecture in Kuwait-PP. 232/246.
Yasser Mahgoub

Proportions and Human Scale in Damascene Courtyard Houses-PP. 247/263.
M. Salim Ferwati and M. Alaa Mandour

Book Reviews: Selected Scandinavian Contributions to Contemporary Architectural Discourse-PP. 264/269.
Ashraf M. Salama


Interested scholars, researchers, practitioners, and graduate students of architecture may contact the chief editor of IJAR, Ashraf Salama, at ijar@mit.edu.

Architecture-Urbanism is dedicated to a) those who are interested in creating livable and sustainable environments and buildings that meet socio-cultural and socio-behavioral needs of people, environments that are responsive to historical, traditional and physical constraints, b) to those who are interested in finding panacea for the ills of our globalized world, and c) to those who are interested in regaining what cultures and societies have lost by the acts of architects. ____________________________________________________________________________