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Archnet-IJAR, Volume 2, Issue 3, Special Issue on Traditional Public Baths (Hammams) in the Mediterranean

Special Issue on Traditional Public Baths (Hammams) in the Mediterranean
Archnet-IJAR, Volume 2, Issue 3

The final 2008 issue of ArchNet-IJAR focuses on hammams (traditional bath-houses) in the Mediterranean, taking on issues of sustainable development in an historic context. Guest-edited by Dr. Magda Sibley of Liverpool, this issue features twelve papers and an editorial on hammams, as well as four papers on other topics.

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Editorial: Volume 2, Issue 3 – November 2008
Ashraf M. Salama

Editorial: Traditional Public Baths/Hammāms in the Mediterranean
Magda Sibley

The Hammām - A Living Cultural Heritage
Bettina Kolb and Heidi Dumreicher

Hammām Folklore Dynamics in Cairo: Lessons from Operation to Regeneration
Dalila El Kerdany

Monuments or Functioning Buildings:
Legal Protection over Five Case-Study Historic Hammāms in the Mediterranean
Alaa El Habashi

The Architecture of the Hammāms of Fez, Morocco
Kamal Raftani and Hassan Radoine

The Reuse of a Hammām as a Public Services Centre--Hammām Suq El Ghezal; Towards a Sustainable Future
Samira Debache—Benzagouta

The Architecture of Public Baths of Tunisia: A Typological Analysis
Ines Bouraoui

The Surviving Historic Hammāms of the Medina of Tripoli - Libya:
Tangible and Intangible Dimensions
Magda Sibley and Fodil Fadli

Analysis of Spatial Structure and Social Significance of a Sample of Hammāms in Mediterranean Cities
Roula Aboukhater

The Physical and Climatic Dimensions of the Mediterranean Hammāms
Jean Bouillot

An Inquiry into the Thermal, Acoustical, and Visual Aspects of Indoor Environment in Traditional Hammāms
Ardeshir Mahdavi and Kristina Orehounig

A Contemporary Hammām: Wellness Centre in Bodrum, Turkey
Ahmet Iğdirligil

The Medina, the Hammām and the Future of Sustainability
Richard S. Levine, Michael T. Hughes, and Casey Ryan Mather

Regular Papers

Creativity-Function Nexus; Creativity and Functional Attentiveness in Design Studio Teaching
Amira Elnokaly, Ahmed B. Elseragy, and Sarah Alsaadani

Intuition in Interior Design
Irina Solovyova

Outdoor Space Quality: Case Study of a University Campus Plaza
Dicle Aydin and Ummugulsum Ter
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