Saturday, April 4, 2009

Archnet-IJAR, Volume 3, Issue 1-March 2009, Launches

Archnet-IJAR: International Journal of Architectural Research

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Volume 3, Issue 1 - March 2009

ArchNet-IJAR’s first 2009 issue is its largest to date, with 280 pages and twenty-two articles and entries addressing issues in fourteen countries across four continents. Co-edited by Professors Aleya Abdel-Hadi and Ashraf Salama, this issue features selected papers from the 19th International Conference of the International Association of People Environments Studies (IAPS).

Also included are additional papers on
last issue’s special topic, Hammams in the Mediterranean, as well as peer-reviewed articles, a book review, and a call for papers.

The March 2009 issue is available for download
here. The ArchNet Digital Library also contains an ArchNet-IJAR section, holding all past and present ArchNet-IJAR articles.

To inquire about contributing articles for future issues of IJAR, please contact the chief editor, Dr. Ashraf Salama, at

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