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Coming Soon: Transformative Pedagogy in Architecture and Urbanism, Ashraf M. Salama (2009)

Coming Soon!!
Available in July 2009

Transformative Pedagogy in Architecture and Urbanism

Ashraf M. Salama

ISBN 9-783937-95406-6
Umbau Verlag 2009
Solingen, Germany.

Transformative Pedagogy in Architecture and Urbanism is a new, updated, re-written edition of "New Trends in Architectural Education: Designing the Design Studio." As a new round of pedagogical dialogue on architecture and urbanism it resets the stage for debating future visions of transformative pedagogy and its impact on design education. As a forward looking effort, this edition comes to amalgamate concerns, concepts, and practices that Ashraf M. Salama has explored and introduced over a period of two decades.

Transformative pedagogy in architecture and urbanism is about balancing the creative act required for creating responsive environments and the social and environmental responsibilities that should be embedded in this act. It is about understanding how knowledge is produced, what the components of such knowledge are, and what are the learning processes and social practices that can be used to transmit it.

Structured in five chapters Transformative Pedagogy in Architecture and Urbanism presents a wide range of innovative concepts and practical methodologies for teaching architectural and urban design. It traces the roots of architectural education and offer several contrasting ideas and strategies of design teaching practices.

• A New Theory for Transformative Pedagogy in Architecture and Urbanism
• The Architect, the Profession, and Society
• The Conventional Approach to Studio Teaching Practice
• Against the Conventional Studio Pedagogy
• Empowering Transformative Pedagogy: A Knowledge-Based Architectural and Urban Design Studio


From the Back Cover

“...We are very fortunate to have Ashraf Salama’s classic book now available again … Professor Salama brings here a career’s worth of insights into architectural education. Most importantly, his experience spans across many continents and cultures, and is thus extremely valuable for world architecture. …And so we have at hand a vast new resource for adapting the design studio to the real needs of architectural education…”

Professor of Mathematics, Urbanist & Architectural Theorist
University of Texas at San Antonio, TX, USA
“…. Ashraf Salama aggressively identifies the ritualistic aspects of architectural education that act as constraints to innovation. …this is an important book because it probes into the motivations of design educators by placing a mirror before them and allows for a critical examination of the design studio. Dr. Salama paves the way for design educators to openly discuss and debate the delivery system of architectural education and its impact on the future role of the architect...”

Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Architecture
North Carolina State University, NC, USA
“…This is an invaluable guide to architectural educators because Dr. Salama has not only captured the body of knowledge about architectural designing and studio teaching and put it in a pithy form but he has also developed a typology of kinds of architectural studios, explaining what experiences each offers the student…”

On the old version
Professor of Architecture and Urban Design
University of New South Wales, Australia


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