Sunday, August 16, 2009

1st National Conference on Environment-Behaviour Studies, 14-15 Nov. 2009, at FSPU, UiTM Shah Alam, Malaysia.

The Centre for Environment Behaviour Studies (CE-BS) at the Faculty of Architecture, Planning, and Surveying, University Technology Malaysia-Shah Alam , is organizing its first National Conference on Environment Behaviour Studies

(14-15 November 2009)

Shah Alam, Malaysia

Being the first conference of its kind to be held in Malaysia, the objectives of the conference include the following:-

· To identify and congregate researchers in the environment-behaviour (environmental psychology) field in Malaysia.

· To provide a platform for researchers in the environment-behaviour (environmental psychology) field, particularly the postgraduate students to expose their works and share their findings.

· To provide an avenue for peers to network.

· To spearhead the publication of the refereed Malaysian Journal of Environment-Behaviour Studies (MJEBS) through selected conference papers to be published in the journal's maiden issue in January 2010.

· Formalisation of the Association of Malaysian Environment-Behaviour Researchers (AMER) open for membership amongst participants.

Conference home page

Please visit the CE-BS website

More Information on Initiatives of the Center for Environment Behaviour Studies

Conference and Center Contacts

Director and Head of the Center
Assoc. Prof. Dr. M. Yusoff Abbas myusoff801 AT salam DOT uitm DOT edu DOT my

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