Sunday, January 10, 2010

A New Department of Architecture and Urban Planning at Qatar University

The recent rapid development of Qatar is associated with a fast track urbanization process, marked by large scale work, learning and residential environments, and mixed use developments with sustained attempts to strike a balance between tradition and modernity. The unprecedented growth in the building and urban development industry, already considered the second largest industry in the state of Qatar—following the Oil and Gas industries, has created a pressing demand for architects and planners with specialized training to design, plan and direct the activities of the industry. This need has been further intensified by the fast pace of development, the emerging innovative design ideas, the rising demand for large buildings and the need for new building types, the introduction of new materials, new structural systems, and new methods and management techniques. These growth indicators at both the architectural and urban scales mandate the presence of academic units and programs that address the practical realities of local and regional development while graduating professionals capable of addressing these realities efficiently and effectively.

Responding to these demands and challenges, the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning offers innovative undergraduate and graduate programs amenable to graduating professionals capable of creating and managing sustainable environments. Our programs strike a balance between knowledge content and knowledge delivery while implementing hands-on experiential, active, and outcome based learning approaches. While this newly established department has its roots with the establishment of the architectural engineering program back in 2006- However, the new department will offer the following two degrees which were designed in light of the recommendations of the UNESCO Charter for Architectural Education. They translate current international and regional trends into balanced and responsive curricula.

- B.Arch-Bachelor of Architecture, a five year undergraduate professional degree that started in September 2009.
- MUPD-Master of Urban Planning and Design, a two year graduate degree which will be launched in September 2010.

for more infromation visit the following websites
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