Tuesday, August 3, 2010

IAPS Networks

Research and Interest Groups of the International Association -- People-Environment Studies.

The Networks are interest and research groups formed by IAPS members. They carry out debates, discussion groups, publications, often posses their own website and organise symposia and conferences. For example, within IAPS Conference in Rome (IAPS-2008): The Culture and Space in the Built Environment-CSBE and the Education Networks organized a one day symposium Cities, Cultural Diversity, and Design Pedagogy: Enhancing "People Environments" Paradigm in Education, coordinated by Hulya Turgut Yildiz, Ashraf M. Salama, and Peter Kellett, Click here for more information  http://archnet.org/library/documents/one-document.jsp?document_id=10601
The Networks are coordinated by Aleya Abdel-Hadi, Emeritus Professor and IAPS Board Member.
This is a poster prepared and presented at IAPS 2010-Leipzig.

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Architecture-Urbanism is dedicated to a) those who are interested in creating livable and sustainable environments and buildings that meet socio-cultural and socio-behavioral needs of people, environments that are responsive to historical, traditional and physical constraints, b) to those who are interested in finding panacea for the ills of our globalized world, and c) to those who are interested in regaining what cultures and societies have lost by the acts of architects. ____________________________________________________________________________