Monday, August 22, 2011

LONAARD: A New Art and Architecture Peer Reviewed Periodical - London

LONAARD: A New Periodical based in London

Lonaard Magazine is an art and architecture peer-reviewed periodical founded in London by Dr Waleed Al Sayed and Dr Mashary Al-Naim since 2008

Over the past year, the journal has produced high quality issues addressing timey and pressing issues of interest to the international community of scholars, academics, and practitioners in architecture, planning, design, and crafts, with a focus on the Arab World.

Previous Issues include
The Paradigm of 'Islamic' Architecture 

Current call for papers include:
Political Architecture  
Architecture: Urbanism, History and Conservation  

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Architecture-Urbanism is dedicated to a) those who are interested in creating livable and sustainable environments and buildings that meet socio-cultural and socio-behavioral needs of people, environments that are responsive to historical, traditional and physical constraints, b) to those who are interested in finding panacea for the ills of our globalized world, and c) to those who are interested in regaining what cultures and societies have lost by the acts of architects. ____________________________________________________________________________