Friday, September 23, 2011

Culture, Sustainability, and the Built Environment

Culture, Sustainability and the Built Environment
A two day international workshop
26 - 27 September, 2011
Department of Architecture, Kuwait University

This century, we are now faced with the complex task of translating the so called ‘Global Sustainable Culture’ into a ‘Local environment’. Global warming and climate change imperatives are now widespread seeking adequate response from both the architects and the educators of architecture and the built environment. We are now faced with an absurd combination of modern regional architects, post-modern cultures in the changing economic environment. In reviewing the role of the architects and other stake holders from the ancient to present time, it becomes clear that the patron / client relationship between the ‘State’ and ‘Architect’ has not changed much as the Architects are more or less dictated by the market forces.

Celebrating 10 Years of Global Built Environment Review-GBER

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Kevin Burke  
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