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Archnet-IJAR, Volume 2, Issue 2, July 2008: Multiple Voices in Architecture and Urbanism

Archnet-IJAR, Volume 2, Issue 2, July 2008
Multiple Voices in Architecture and Urbanism


Excerpts from the Editorial entitled
Multiple Voices in Architecture and Urbanism
By Ashraf M. Salama

“…In this fifth issue (Volume 2-Issue 2) of Archnet-IJAR continues to raise issues of concern to the worldwide community of architects, designers, and urbanists. A considerable number of voices are accommodated. They offer diverse issues on a wide spectrum of issues that range from the interior spatial environment level to building and city levels. In fact, Archnet-IJAR maintains its presence as a platform for debating issues of interest to academics, professionals, and graduate students. And so, important pressing topical areas are presented in the refereed papers included in this issue. These include architectural education and design pedagogy, human-environment interactions, universal design, professional practice, sustainable cities, and identity….”

“…While both the refereed papers and the trigger and review articles presented in this issue address many issues, it is important to note that they also address many contexts from the United States to New Zealand and from the Middle East and the Arabian Peninsula to Malaysia. This reflects the true essence of Archnet-IJAR of being an international forum for discoursing the design and the actual use of built environments and the context within which they are created. …”

Content and Contributions

Editorial: Multiple Voices in Architecture and Urbanism-PP.07/10.
Ashraf M. Salama

Great Programs in Architecture: Rankings, Performance Assessments, and Diverse Paths to Prominence -PP.11/22.
Ann Forsyth

Dynamic Adaptive Web-based Model for Architectural Design Education (DAAD) PP.23/40.
Hesham T. Eissa and Ji-Hyun Lee

Beyond Concepts-A Studio Pedagogy for Preparing Tomorrow's Designers-PP.41/56.
Tasoulla Hadjiyanni

When Good Design Intentions Do Not Meet Users Expectations: Exploring Qatar University Campus Outdoor Spaces-PP.57/77.
Ashraf M. Salama

Universal Design: From Policy to Assessment Research and Practice -PP. 78/93.
Wolfgang F. E. Preiser

The Influence of Privacy Regulation on Urban Malay Families Living in Terrace Housing-PP.94/102.
Ahmad Hariza Hashim and Zaiton Abdul Rahim

Natural Lighting of Deep Architectural Space: The Perception of New Zealand Architects-PP.103/124.
Richard Barrett

Identity in Transitional Context: Open-Ended Local Architecture in Saudi Arabia-PP. 125/146.
Mashary A. Al-Naim

Landscaping an Office Park in Amman, Jordan: Incorporating Sustainable Site Design Principles-PP.147/161.
Aydin Özdemir, Metin Başal, Ahmet Benliay

Towards a Sustainable Neighborhood: The Role of Open Spaces-PP.162/177.
Khalid Al-Hagla

Emerging Cities on the Arabian Peninsula: Urban Space in the Knowledge Economy Context-PP.178/195.
Alain Thierstein and Elisabeth Schein

Climate, Cities, and Sustainability in the Arabian Region: Compactness as a New Paradigm in Urban Design and Planning-PP. 196/208.
Mustapha Ben-Hamouche

The Future of African Cities-PP. 209/219.
Muhammad al Najib Brimah

Skyscraper Future Visions-PP. 220/230.
Mohamad Kashef

"Algorithmic Sustainable Design: The Future of Architectural Theory , A Series of 12 Lectures by Nikos A. Salingaros-PP. 231/233.
Nicola Giacomo A.G. Linza, William Gay & Anna Grasso-Gay.

A Call for Translation: After Amnesia: Learning from the Islamic Mediterranean Urban Fabric
by Attilio Pettruccioli-PP. 234/235.

Ashraf M. Salama

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