Thursday, June 28, 2012

Architecture and Urbanism in the Arabian Peninsula -- A FOCUS ON THE CITY OF DOHA, QATAR

Architecture and Urbanism in the Arabian Peninsula with a focus on the city of Doha are featured in a new series of publications.

Salama, Ashraf M. and Gharib, Remah Y. (2012): A Perceptual Approach for Understanding Urban Diversity in the City of Doha. In: Special Issue on Urban Diversity: Paradoxes and Realities, Guest Edited by Ashraf M. Salama and Alain Thierstein, Open House International, Volume 37, Issue 2, Urban International Press,  Gateshead, United Kingdom.

Salama, Ashraf M. (2012): Narrating Doha’s Contemporary Architecture: The then, the now, the drama, the theater, and the performance. Digital Architectural Papers, Issue 8: Middle East 1: Conditions for an Architectural Practice. ETH-Chair: Josep Lluis Mateo. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich.

Salama, Ashraf M. (2012): Architectural Identity Demystified: Visual Voices from the Arab World. In. P. Emmons, J. Lomholt, and J. S. Hendrix (eds.), The Cultural Role of Architecture: Contemporary and Historical Perspectives. Routledge: London.

Salama, Ashraf M. (2012): Assessing Qatar University’s Campus Outdoor Spaces: Design Intentions Versus Users’ Reactions. In S. Mallory-Hill, W. Preiser and C. Watson (eds.), Enhancing Building Performance. John Wiley and Sons, New York, pp.139-150. ISBN # 978-0-470-65759-1

Salama, Ashraf M. (2011):  Identity Flows: The Arabian Peninsula, Emerging Metropolises. In: Luis Fern├índez-Galiano (ed.), Atlas Architectures of the 21st Century - Africa and Middle East. Fundaci├│n BBVA, Madrid, pp. 170-225. ISBN # 978-84-92937-19-6

Salama, Ashraf M. (2011): Towards a Responsive Architectural and Urban Education for Understanding of and Intervening in Islamic Societies, Reflections on a New Post Graduate Program at the Education City, Doha, Qatar. Lonaard Magazine is a peer-reviewed periodical, publication of Lonaard Group in London, Issue 4, Volume 1, July 2011, pp. 130-137. ISSN: 2045-8150

Wiedmann, Florian, Salama, Ashraf M. and Thierstein, Alain (2012): Urban Evolution of the City of Doha: The Impact of Economic Transformations on Urban Structures. In: METU-JFA, Journal of the Faculty of Architecture-Middle East Technical University, Volume 29, Issue 2, pp. 35-61.  

Wiedmann, Florian, Salama, Ashraf M. and Thierstein, Alain (2012): A Framework for Investigating Urban Qualities in Emerging Knowledge Economies. In: International Journal of Architectural Research: Archnet-IJAR, Volume 6, Issue 1, pp.42-56.

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