Thursday, July 5, 2012

The 2nd International Conference for Design Education Researchers  
14-17 May 2013, Oslo, Norway

Organised by  
  • Faculty of Technology, Art and Design, Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences
  • DRS (Design Research Society)
  • CUMULUS (the International Association of Universities and Colleges of Art, Design and Media)

This international conference is a springboard for sharing ideas and concepts about contemporary design education research. Contributors are invited to submit research that deals with different facets of contemporary approaches to design education research. All papers will be double-blind peer-reviewed. This conference is open to research in any aspect and discipline of design education.

Call for papers
Conference Website 

Conference theme

Design Learning for Tomorrow - Design Education from Kindergarten to PhD
Designed artefacts and solutions influence our lives and values, both from a personal and societal perspective. Designers, decision makers, investors and consumers hold different positions in the design process, but they all make choices that will influence our future visual and material culture. To promote sustainability and meet global challenges for the future, professional designers are dependent on critical consumers and a design literate general public.  For this purpose design education is important for all. We propose that design education in general education represents both a foundation for professional design education and a vital requirement for developing the general public’s competence for informed decision making.

We invite submissions along the following themes:

  • Philosophy of design education
  • Design curriculum
  • Design knowledge
  • Design education for non-designers
  • Research informed designed education – Design education informing research
  • Multidisciplinary design education
  • Challenges in design education methods
  • Assessment
  • Design continuum
  • eLearning and Design Education
  • Internationalisation of Design Education
  • We are also seeking expression of interest to conduct workshops and symposia.
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