Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Forthcming Fall 2014: Urban Pamphleteer # 4 - Heritage and Renewal in Doha

Forthcoming - Fall 2014: 

Special issue 
Urban Pamphleteer # 4
Heritage and Renewal in Doha 

Urban Laboratory at University College London - UCL 
Clare Melhuish, Ben Campkin, and Rebecca Ross.

the Special issue of Heritage and Renewal in Doha will be available in November here:

Intervention urbanism: The delicacy of aspirational change in the old centre of Doha
Ashraf M. Salama

The other real doha
Ali Alraouf

In the Light of Day
David Kendall

The paradox of msheIreb
Rosanna Law

In search of doha’s public Realm
Rami el Samahy and Kelly Hutzell

old doha: readIng the cIty
Peter Bishop and Adrian Lahoud

Reconciling heritage & profit
Marcial Echenique

Energising heritage: Cultural relations & the Old Doha Prize
Vicky Richardson

Regenerating Doha’s old city centre
Alicja Borkowska, Iris Papadatou, Fatima Fawzy,  and Alaa Larr

Al-Asmakh: A disappearing neighbourhood
Ben Barbour

Tea & sympathy
Clare Melhuish

Sally MacDonald and Antonia Rosati

Recording a forced exodus
Fatma al Sahlawi

Roundabouts abound no more: A eulogy
Trinidad Rico

global heritage: shared legacies of modernist planning between Qatar & the uk
Michael Edwards and Clare Melhuish

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