Tuesday, July 15, 2014

IJAR July 2014 (Volume 8 – Issue 2): ‘COMPLEXITY, PATTERNS, AND BIOPHILIA’

IJAR July 2014 (Volume 8 – Issue 2) is now available. Entitled ‘COMPLEXITY, PATTERNS, AND BIOPHILIA’ this special issue is guest edited by Professor Nikos A. Salingaros. It includes a collection that “… describes Christopher Alexander’s work and related developments based on his human, sensitive, and scientific approach to architecture. And yet, much of it remains curiously outside the architectural and academic mainstream.”  Encompassing eight articles and essays, from biologists, philosophers, historians, and urbanists, this edition of IJAR presents samples of original thoughts, ideas, and theories that contribute to the shaping of a healthy and responsive approach to the future built environment. To navigate this edition visit this page http://www.archnet-ijar.net/index.php/IJAR/issue/view/28 To submit articles for future issues of IJAR visit the online submission page

Architecture-Urbanism is dedicated to a) those who are interested in creating livable and sustainable environments and buildings that meet socio-cultural and socio-behavioral needs of people, environments that are responsive to historical, traditional and physical constraints, b) to those who are interested in finding panacea for the ills of our globalized world, and c) to those who are interested in regaining what cultures and societies have lost by the acts of architects. ____________________________________________________________________________